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Mugglenet Fanfiction Slytherins [entries|friends|calendar]
Mugglenet Fanfiction Slytherins

Slytherin Pride
This community is open for all Slytherins on the Mugglenet Fanfiction Beta Boards. Here we can gather to share fics, drabbles, announcements, challenges, and chatter. Think of it as a sort of Livejournal Common Room.


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fic_exchange [ 09.01.06 - 2:46pm]

Thought you guys might be interested in some LJ fic exchanges that I feel obliged to *pimp*. So, check out the information posts and consider signing up ;)

1. hprare_exchange

Signups are going on now through September 19th. It's a Harry Potter Fic Exchange centred around rarepairs. I'm letting you know about this one mainly becuase the majority of participants are from MNFF, so, it's an interesting inter-house type social event :)

2. x_eater_xmas

This is an Christmas exchange for Death Eater fic, of the R-NC-17 rating. Sign-ups start tomorrow [September 2nd]. I'm pimping this one because we're Slytherins, and this is about the Death Eaters. Duh. But keep in mind the subject matter -- not only will the gift you recieve be adult, you have to write one, too ;)

- signing off, your HoH.
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You are not blind [ 08.24.06 - 12:14am]

The Slyth common room has just disappeared from the forum.


It's back up. Man - we are getting our asses kicked with poor timing this week, aren't we?

I'm going to at work, but I will be up all night.
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[ 08.18.06 - 11:31am]

[ mood | boored. ]

So... this community is kinda dead atm. Understandable, I think.

Anyway, here's an icon I found, make sure you credit if/when you use it :) I thought it was nice-looking. :D

Slytherin, now in less green

There are versions for the other houses as well, pretty much identical to this one except for the name, of course. :) Credit should go to phuck at last5.

And I'm bored too.


PS: Did you guys know that in the interests for the comm, "mugglenet" is spelled wrong? :D

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something simple [ 08.16.06 - 1:40am]

I don't have words right now, but I thought I would share this with you all.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Steph [ 08.15.06 - 10:45pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

As you all know, Steph has been sick for quite a while now, and for a little part of that while we thought she was getting better.

The truth of the matter is that she passed away a couple of hours ago. She had heart failure. 

Jen and Shayla will still be doing the scrapbook. I think Shayla said something about giving it to her boyfriend and caretaker, Andreas (Andy), so send in your letters, banners, pictures, fanart, drabbles, etc. Do it for Steph.

Since the BETA boards are down right now, feel free to post any thoughts, prayers, regards, etc. right here. This is what this is for-- for us to pull together and stay together. We are one house, one family.

Also, if you need to talk to someone, CMWinters has offered to be a shoulder to cry on. Check her LJ for email addresses/screenames. Since CM is working, she may not reply immediately but she will reply. I'll be up for a while too if you want to talk to me.

Guys, remember that Steph will always be with us as long as we remember her. Keep her memory alive. She'll always be with us in our hearts.

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[ 08.13.06 - 12:45pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Since I need someone to look over my gift fic, I'm just going to create this thread for it. I'll post mine as the first comment, but everyone feel free to post a gift-fic you need looked over.

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[ 08.13.06 - 12:45pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Since I need someone to look over my gift fic, I'm just going to create this thread for it. I'll post mine as the first comment, but everyone feel free to post a gift-fic you need looked over.

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Hello Snakes [ 08.08.06 - 1:27am]

Hey everyone,

This is Jenna, your HoH.

I just thought I'd post and wave and let you know my username in case you wanted to friend me. LJ has been used in the past to keep tabs on me when I suddenly vanish from the forums ;) Just a warning, if you do get around to friending me, I post a lot. *cough*

*hugs everyone*

I spied on the forums for a bit today, and saw the lovely Mari and Shayla doing an amazing job. My heart is gushing with love.

I think the ladies deserve some points, eh? ;)

Well, I'm flying out this morning and may be occupied for a few days, but I am living with someone who knows well the stress of MNFF [MADJH], so I'm sure she'll let me near the computer in time.
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I'm Happy, But Sad!! [ 08.07.06 - 9:09am]

[ mood | I'm disappointed!! ]

Somebody cheer me up. I'm happy because we have this great LJ Community going on, but I'm kinda sad for a few reasons. Here they are:

1. My Grandma's Kittens just got hidden by their mommy cat, so they have a 52% chance of dying. Stupid mommy. :(

2. The Challenges are going really slow on MNFF. I just can't seem to find a character or idea that somebody else hasn't taken. Then, I post, but then have to delete it cuz somebody posted the same thing two seconds before me. *needs to type faster*

3. Nobody has reviewed either of my stories. Conflict, my favorite story, has less than 60 reviews, yet it has six chapters. Going for seven, but it disappeared without a rejection letter. *see next complaint* Then for I Dreamed a Dream, it's going even slower.

4. My seventh chapter for Conflict keeps disappearing, but I haven't gotten a Rejection Letter!! I've posted in the section on the Beta Boards, but it is still gone. I've sent it in like three times!! Hmpf.

5. My Microsoft Word trial just ran out, so now I have to beta everybody's stories on Word Pad or Microsoft WORKS. Poop.

6. My Dad still hasn't looked for our Microsoft Word disk, so I have to wait.

7. I'm at a writer's block for my Les Mis series. I really had some good ideas at like, three in the morning, but I didn't write 'em down, so I'm lost. I kept a pad and pen by my bed last night, but I didn't wake up. I was having dreams of my fantasy guy. *happy reason!!*

8. POTC 2 SPOILER CONTAINED IN THIS COMPLAINT!!! BEWARE!! oOoOoOoOo....stupid Kraken ate my precious Jack Sparrow!! Yes, I just watched the movie for the *counts on fingers* fifth time. *hehe* Jkjk, I'm just contemplating his tragic fate. *listening to Davy Jones' theme*

9. I need to learn my next clogging dance off of a tape, but my brother's over-posessive of his TV (the only one with VCR) so I need to learn it at my Grandma's. Ugh...

10. I need to make up a stupid little dance for my sisters to 'Hamster Jam'. Poopy music... *six flags music*

11. My favorite store just got held up by a couple of robbers. The owner was so shaken after the ordeal that they're closing down. *kills robbers and owner*

12. I'm tired, and my mom just got a job, so I have to watch three younger kids every morning. At least we get to go to my uncle's pool...*happy reason!!*

Okay, I have about fifty more reasons, but I'm done lamenting. *wanders off after endless rant*

OH, and see my journal to hear the latest news!! (Hailey designed her own dress!!)

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NEW FIC! NEW FIC! *dancy dancy dance* [ 08.01.06 - 7:38pm]

[ mood | Jacie the bouncing ferret ]

Does someone wanna run through this quick for grammar? I'm really liking this plot bunny, and I'm still writing. This story will be a three-part series, this fic being the main character's first through third years. The second fic will be his fouth and fifth years and the final fic will be the final two years. It takes place fourty years after Voldemort's downfall, and in the last fic (his 6th - 7th years) I plan on having him compete in the Triwizard Tournament. I have a few good ideas for tasks that I wanna put into place.

Anywayses, here you go!

UserName: blackhairedweasley :: Jace
Story: There's Nothing Left to Lose
Genre: General, Post-Hogwarts
Rating // Warnings: 6th - 7th years // Attempted suicide, violence, language
Word Count: 948
Summary: Trent Silvershore is used to being pointed at. He's used to being put down by those who claim to be better than him. But things change when a man in long black robes comes to call. Trent is introduced to a world the likes of which he'd never dreamed of. Will Trent leave the only world he knows for one that might be a cult (or worse - a hoax)? Why not? After all, There's Nothing Left to Lose.


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'lo!! [ 07.31.06 - 2:39pm]

'Lo all, this is Jen. Formally known on LJ as fl4wed.
Well, that got old. So just dropping by to let my favorite slytherins ever know that I changed identity. xDD
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Hogwarts Blues [ 07.27.06 - 7:33pm]

Could someone quickly glimpse if the grammar of this one is correct?

UserName: Konrad
Story: Hogwarts Blues
Genre: AU, Humor
Ships: N/L and H/G flirting
Rating and Warnings: Book 6 Disregarded, Alternate Universe
Word Count: 1060
Summary: There are a lot of differences in the magical world, but one of the greatest is that of people who can perform high definition magic by means of music and those who can't. In this fic you'll follow Neville in his sixth year as he becomes a professional blues artist. Starring Lightnin' Albus, Ginny on the drums, The Artist Formerly Known As Riddle and the famous ex-boysband "The Death Eaters".

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Needing you all to check this for me, please [ 07.25.06 - 2:24am]

This is my entry for the HoHly Ones Minor Canon Characters Challenge.

I need you all to c heck it and let me know if it makes sense.

I'm at *exactly* the word limit, so if I need to add something I'm going to have to subtract something as well, so if you think something should come out, let me know?


Name: cmwinters
Title: By Any Means Necessary
Character: Tobias Snape
Word Count: 1000 (!!!)
Warnings: Murder
Inspiration: There have been several posts on LJ that lament the fact that a single, out-of-context memory of Snape's has everyone writing Tobias as a horrible, drunken, misogynistic child-beater with a gambling addiction. Some of my theories, namely that Eileen Prince, a Ravenclaw and descendant of the headmaster Everard, was murdered by Death Eaters for being a blood-traitor when Severus was very small, and that being the impetus for Severus joining the Death Eaters to bring them and the Dark Lord down "from the inside", made me want to paint Tobias in a more favourable light.

Besides, I think they all have more depth this way.

Read more...Collapse )
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Epitaphs and Eulogies Drabbles [ 07.21.06 - 4:29pm]

[ mood | excited ]

For those of you who are already done with your epitaphs and eulogies (Wow, great proactive work guys!). Post them here for feedback!

This challenge closes next friday, July 28th.

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Narcissa Drabbles [ 07.19.06 - 8:37am]

Okay, since I know many of us are writing Narcissa drabbles for the new Monthly Drabble Challenge why not post them here?

Each person can comment on this post with their drabble, and those wishing to comment on the drabbles can reply to the comments. I think that is the easiest way to do this.

So let's see what we can come up with!
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New Community [ 07.17.06 - 7:42pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

To my lovely fellow Slytherins:

For a while now, Mari (butterflykisses/xgreen_princess) and I have been considering forming a live journal community. The Badgers have one, the claws have one, so why didn't we have one?

Just like in the common room, try to keep the chatter on here as un-spammy as possible. If needed, this will get changed to a announcements-only community, and we wouldn't want that. For now, feel free to post challenge submissions that you want critique on, new MNFF challenges going on, or even interest facts in the HP fandom.

This community is here for you. Feel free to join at any time; it will always be left open.

(And as our dear Jenna has a lot on her plate right now, Mari and I are working on doing this without her so she won't have another thing to worry about. Because of this, we are still unofficial.)

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